Monday, July 7, 2008

Betty Jo from California writes:

Marie!!! You don't have it on your list of reviews --CP in theD is on Oprah's list of 27 terrific summer reads! Now it is my understanding that folks just dote on her every word and read what she tells them to read. In fact, I bought the magazine to get that list of "terrific summer reads" which was a cover feature.
I almost got up at midnight, turned on my computer to e-mail you.
Here's the review in case you don't read O:

"Where does a sophisticated New Yorker go for a night on the town? To a great green oasis where hundreds of exquisite winged insects alight to drink sweet sap from a tree, and swarms of devoted mothers (rhymes with "authors") gather in the dark for a sighting. Marie Winn's deliciously voyeuristic CENTRAL PARK IN THE DARK is filled with such glimpses of elusive nocturnal visitors, including sexy slugs, rare owls, and some of the most curious creatures on two legs."
Congratulations on all your good reviews.

Betty Jo